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‘OLYMPIAN’ was established in Drama, in 1997, by Dimitris Papadopoulos. It’s main object is the production of professional, natural wool-skin paint rollers of high quality and standards.

During the years, it became one of the most reliable roller-companies in Greece. With update technology and unique methods of production, which differentiate us from our competitors, we managed to place the quality in a very upper level.

Our target is the continual increase of our product’s quality.
Our rollers are available in Greece, Cyprus, Rumania, and Middle East (via Cyprus).

Competitive Advantages:
  • High capacity s/m

  • Biggest saving of labour

  • Perfect colour dispersion ( it does not drip or splash)

  • We manufacture certain types of rollers, so as to cover all the needs of a professional ( rollers for plasters, plasters-boards, wild/semi-wild surfaces of inside and outside spaces)

In our Website you can find information about our products, as well as contact details and technical support of our company for every need.

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